Tuesday, January 15, 2013

if i'm god....

If we say “I’m god” or “we are all god” then we might as well say that whatever it is that we say about god, we really say about ourselves. For example: “God is great” – “I’m great!” or “I don’t know what god is” – “I don’t know what/who I am” or “god is a revengeful motherfucker” – “I’m a revengeful motherfucker.”  We can notice that for most people those feelings often change, only the ultra-religious or the true atheists (very few of those who call themselves atheist are actually atheists...) will stick to their guns. 

I begin to think that the Buddhist idea, that there is no external god, but rather a higher self that we all have within, and is more like a state-of-mind that we all need to strive to achieve, is really the only idea that doesn’t reject a spiritual notion on the one hand, without falling into religious or atheist traps. 

This may be what Buddhists mean by breaking out of the samsara, this illusionary, anxiety-driven vicious circle we are all trapped in like lab-rats, chasing false notion of self/god, trying to justify our existence in one way or another, while the only justification is the fact that we are here, now, and that’s it. Simple.   

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